SJTU AYC Shanghai Story Photography Event Review

For these days, one of the import event I take charge of is Shanghai Story photography event of Asian Youth Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Write something may serve as a reminder for later references in life.

The Incentive

The reason why I want to make such a photography event is half official and half personal. The official half is that I joined SJTU Asian Youth Center, and I should contribute my time and energy to hold event for foreign student in SJTU. The personal half is that I like photography and hope to meat some one who also really enjoy photography and at meantime I have the idea to make my photography website better known.

From what I have to what i can

Comparing to the majority of photographers, I have the advantage of possession of a WeChat Official Account and an own photography website and also the abilities to arrange the website as the style as I like. As a result, I could use my own photograph website as a platform to assist this photography event.

Technology Aspect

To make event anouncement flexible and reusable.

Dynamic Announcement Entry

Since I don't want to be restricted by WeChat (although we rely one it to communicate with our participants) and don't like dead link which gives me 404 not found page, when I made event poster (the newer version), I used QR code whose content is As you can tell from this url, there is no event topic information in this url which gives me freedom to redirect it to any other page. And for this photography event, I redirect it to (I have to admit that before creating this page, I didn't think really well, result in a irrational file name shanghaistory.html of which shanghaistory tells the topic which restrict my ability to change page content and .html is redundant because this is already /html before.)


The first version (in fact, 1.1 version since the exact 1.0 version posters are with QR code content is as follows.

Posters Version 1.1

The second version (Make 2 posters into one to preserve space) is as follows.

Poster Version 2.0

Maybe, you can try to scan the QR code to see what is going to happen.

Different Announcement Endpoint

Sad thing is that, WeChat Web Browser is not very friendly with web pages which don't belong to Tencent. QR code on my announcement web page cannot be recognized well.

In order to solve this problem, I injected another redirect on page. The rule is, when users access this page by WeChat Web Browser, they will be redirect to which is the link of a WeChat Official Account page.

Changeable WeChat Group Entry Point

Since WeChat is the dominant instant message app in China, we naturally choose to use WeChat to communicate with our potential participants.

As those who use WeChat know, WeChat Group QR code is only validate for 7 days, and our event lasts more than 7 days, we cannot use one QR code for the whole event period. And this is also partially reason why we don't put WeChat Group QR code on poster but announcement web page url. Our solution is, to provide a WeChat QR code on our announcement web page and change it at the time when it is going to expire taking advantage that we can change the announcement page at any time as we want comparing to the dead group sent WeChat Official Web Page which can only be deleted without other modification choice if something is wrong.

So the normal flow of the process is POSTER -> Announcement Web Page -> WeChat Group.

MarkDown Based

People who knows me well know that I like MarkDown so much that I nearly use MarkDown on every occasion where I am not restricted to use Microsoft Suit, LaTex or similar other alternatives.

To mention MarkDown above is because I have the idea that I would use MarkDown files to generate Articles and Presentation Slides which correspond to our 2 stages of the this photography event -- Photos Collection and Story Sharing. (Geek should know that document and slides can be based on one identical markdown file since markdown is just content and to be document or slides is just a matter of stylesheet. Sometimes, I call it the split of content and presentation.)

While one exact fact I have to consider is that usually, ordinary people don't understand the beauty of markdown and have no idea of what markdown is. To solve this problem, there comes the following requirements on our photography event announcement:

Please provide us with photos with description under the rule as follows. 01.jpg with 01.txt to 09.jpg with 09.txt.

The reason why we restrict naming pattern of photos and description text files is that I have written some python scripts to process original photos (resize, framing and so on) and description text files to generate MarkDown files which then can then be turned into articles, albums and presentations. See example which at back-end is just one MarkDown file but expose to you as one article and if Marp application is adopted to display this markdown file, then you can have a slides view like the following picture.

MarkDown as Slides

By the way, the technical difficulties behind those includes that I have to compress all collected photos while preserve relatively good qualities since I am charged according to data flow amount from my VPS used by web visitors. For the completed usage on website, I also need to generate thumbnails for photos beside generate markdown and then put them into organized directory tree. And of course, I should maintain my website scripts.

Participants Helped Promotion

As you may notice from page, we have some information about how to participate this event. Yes, that is the advertisement part.

Our intention is that we help photographers to expose their works to public and they would also bring us more participants considering that many of us have the intentions to share photography works created by ourselves.


The following hand-drafts are in Chinese.

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