Summary of Methods of File Sharing Among Devices

A summary of methods to share files between devices through network.

Without usb port on New Macbook, wireless connect seems to be an appealing option.

Currently, I have one New Macbook (Which has only one USB Type-C port for data exchange, however, I have no other USB Type-C devices or USB Type-C to What What Adapter, namely, all should be done through wireless network.), one Windows 10-based Lenovo Notebook, one Android 4.4.4 but no google services-equibed Smart Phone, One OTG Cable, one SD/T-Flash Card and USB devices Readable AirMobi iTravel Router(Technique Parameter Here), one SD Card and some USB Storage Disks.

So the question is how can i share files between them?

Android as Host

Since there is no usb port on New Macbook, so the official Android File Transfer (THIS SITE IS BLOCKED IN MANILAND CHINA, In Mainland China, One option is to use search in with keywords Android File Transfer and then Click Snapshot to Download the App(androidfiletransfer.dmg)).

Android Phone as SMB Server

Droid NAS can turn Android Phone into a SMB server. The official website is at and Android App can be downloaded at (THESE TWO WEBSITES ARE BLOCKED IN MANILAND CHINA)

Android App UI

For OS X Yosemite and later, connect to Server via smb://<LAN_IP>:7777/SD Card, no account information needed. However, this app doesn't support for Windows.

Android Phone as FTP Server

FTPServer can turn Android Phone into a FTP server. Android App can be downloaded at (THESE WEBSITE ARE BLOCKED IN MANILAND CHINA)

Android App UI

Windows and OS X support can connect via ftp://username@ipaddress:port.

FTPServer is not the only one of FTP server apps for Android, there exist many other options

Using Special App - AirDroid

AirDroid has Android, iOS, Windows and OS X apps.

Official website is at, AirDroid is far more than just file sharing, AirDroid support a lot of other Android related sharing, such as Contacts, Notifications, SMS and so on.

Android App UI

Multiple platform, from Android, iOS to Windows & OS X & Web, are supported.

Android as Client

ES File Manager can browse network shares, support SMB protocol, FTP, Bluetooth protocol and connect to a variety of cloud storage services, of course including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Android App Here(THESE TWO SITES ARE BLOCKED IN MANILAND CHINA, So Please Find Non-Official Trustful Source of App Yourself))

MacBook as Host

With all components already existed, it is really easy to share files out on OS X MacBook.

MacBook as SMB or AFP Server

Use preference ->Sharing -> File Sharing utility.

How to Share Folders from Mac OS X with Windows 7 & Windows 8 PCs is one very good guidance for Windows Client.

A Beginner's Guide to OS X File Sharing is one very good guidance with sharing user account introduction for OS X Client.

MacBook as FTP Server

Enable the OS X built-in ftp server by running this command in Terminal:
sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

To disable it, run this:
sudo -s launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

For more help to use man ftpd.

Visit at ftp://username@ipaddress. Either use full username or short name of the accounts on the host Mac OS X to login.

Windows PC as Host

Since Windows PC is more for common people rather than developer, it is more complex to deal with Windows.

Windows PC as SMB Server

Turn Windows PC into FTP Server

Non-Local-Host Sharing

Drag-and-Drop via LAN

Dukto: Open Source Local Network-Based File Sending and Recieving App for Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian and so on(iOS for example, but from other developers). Official Site Here and iOS App Here.

Cloud and Syncing Services

Dropbox, Google Drive for the World outside Mainland China. For Mainland China, Find the Way You Can Tolerant(Cross-Wall Tools or Non-Secure Web Storage Services).

Apple to Apple AirDrop

AirDrop maybe one easiest way between Apple and Apple, and problem is only Apple to Apple.

Bluetooth-Base Send and Receive

Bluetooth Sharing is more or less the same procedure as Dukto, however slow. Good aspects is Multi-OS support.

More Thoughts about Networking

Not matter which method above is use, all should be related to two basic element, hardware & protocol, as follows.

Hardware: Ethernet Adapter, WiFi Adapter, Bluetooth Adapter. Protocol: SMB, FTP, WebDAV over HTTP, AFP.

The so called standard is just more popular, and the more popular ones must have some better qulity or simplicity.

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