How to Use Anki

Anki is a great app for reviewing things.


Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki. Since it is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are endless.
For example:
   + Learning a language
   + Studying for medical and law exams
   + Memorizing people's names and faces
   + Brushing up on geography
   + Mastering long poems
   + Even practicing guitar chords!


More than one Anki user has excitedly studied hundreds of new cards over their first few days of using the program, and then become overwhelmed by the reviews required.

Understanding Anki Intervals

By Default:
For new card (card in the first learning step), there is two learning step(or learning stage and learned stage), correspondingly two buttons, Again(1m) and Good(10m). On UI, there exists one more Easy(4d) in case this new card is already what you are familiar with. [Three numbers above buttons mean new cards, cards in learning, and cards to review respectively.]

For Learning Cards

At first learning step, there are 3 buttons on UI, namely, Again(1m), Good(10m) and Easy(4d).

At second learning step, there are also 3 buttons on UI, but are, Again(1m), Good(1d) and Easy(4d).

For Reviewing Cards

At review stage, there are 4 buttons on UI, namely, Again, Hard, Good and Easy.

Deck Hierarchy

The easiest way to create hierarchy for decks is to use naming or renaming. For illustration, "French" is a deck, and "French::My Textbook" is one sub-deck of "French".

A second easy way to construct hierarchy between decks is to use Drag-and-Drop function on Anki, unfortunately, AnkiDroid not included.

Cool Shortcuts

My Experience with Anki

This is not the first time that i pick up this open source app to hlep me in foreign language learning.

The first time I used this app can date back to Spring 2013. The initial reason to use this app is just because there is no other alternative for Studentenweg Deutsch Vokabeln. So with some a long history of struggling for making full use of this app, I picked up Regular Expression again to formalize the data source that I get on the internet, I used BAT file to handle file name issues, I used HTML&CSS to ensure the layout as satisfying as possible, and even Python for sound and image source, even VBA to handle Excel. Gradually, time spending for manipulate this app exceeds time spending for language learning. Something like fall in love with the app and forget my initial intention. Then low efficiency of language study, I dropped this app for nearly one year.

Now, step into a new horizon of my life, i guess it's time for me to pick it up again.

My Learning Track

2015.09.17: Reading Anki Manual Study Part Again and producing the above Understanding Anki Interval Section.

TODO List:

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